About Suarah Petroleum Group

SPG offers the State its expertise, experience and knowledge in being judicious and prudent in assisting the State in seeking redress for its Oil and Gas equity and revenue from the Federal Government.

SPG aims to assist the State by:

  • Raising the profile and concerns of Sarawak’s Oil & Gas industry,
  • Promoting open dialogue within and across the industry, and
  • Effectively engaging relevant stakeholders on significant issues.

SPG Board of Directors

President: Hamim Yusuf

Deputy President: Jamel Matin Ibrahim

Hon. Secretary: Yusuf Abdul Rahman

Hon. Treasurer: Ryan Ng

Head, Policies, Strategic Thrusts & Strategies: Abg Iskandar Abg Muas

Head, Sarawak Content, Value Creation & Structural Investments: Stephen Gendang

Head, Membership: Sulaiman Bujang

Head, Localisation of Sourcing & Supplies: Safian Awi

Head, Manpower Localisation, Training & Skills Enhancement: Jacobsin Badit

Head, Media Communications & Legal: Yusuf Abdul Rahman

Lating Anak Minggang
Omarali Bin Matjais
Awang Kasumajaya Bin Awang Mahran